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Tea Light Cups
Elegant Clear Tea Light Cups

Our ultra clear tea light cups have been designed to keep the vivid and vibrant color of your tea light candle active throughout the burning process. We recommend using the Honeywell J-223 wax for best scent throw and adhesion to the clear cup.
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Item No. Description Amount Qty.
100TLC Tea Light Cups - 100 count
wicks not included
100TLCW Tea Light Cups & Wicks - 100 count
100 cups & 100 wicks
500TLC Tea Light Cups - 500 count
wicks not included
500TLCW Tea Light Cups & Wicks - 500 count
500 cups & 500 wicks
1000TLC Tea Light Cups 1000 count
wicks not included
1000TLCW Tea Light Cups & Wicks - 1000 count
1000 cups & 1000 wicks Our Best Buy!

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