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Peony, Narcissus & Plum Blossom and Happiness
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On the top, there is the favorite character "Fu" which means good fortune. On the left, there are four characters in the form of a round chop (seal) which mean "Blossom flowers bringing great fortune and prosperity."  On the bottom, there are Narcissuses in the pot.  In Chinese, Narcissus and fairy share the same character.  Thus,  Narcissus symbolizes the coming of fairies.  The plum blossom symbolizes strength and harmony.  The peony flower is regarded as the "king of all flowers" and is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune associated with romantic love.  It is said the red envleope will bring good luck both to the person who receives it and to the person who gives it.

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Red Envelope - 109 Peony, Narcissus & Plum Blossom and Happiness US$0.75

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