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Double Happiness for Relationship Luck
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Here is the beautiful, favorite character "Hsi" (pronounced similar to "she" in English) meaning "Double happiness."  Traditionally, it represents "wedding."  It is also the most magnificent and powerful symbol of love, and effective for marital bliss and happy relationships.  The 4 small characters "Long Feng Cheng Hsiang" mean the Dragon and Phoenix bring good omens."  Above the character "Hsi" is the powerful Dragon; below it,  is the glorious bird, Phoenix. The Dragon and Phoenix together represent the Yin and Yang symbol of Chinese mythology.  The Dragon is male vitality and fertility, while the Phoenix is Yin splendour and female beauty.  Together, these two creatures symbolize a fruitful marriage blessed with success and prosperity.  Display the "double happiness" symbol in your home to help strengthen relationship luck and enhance marriage. It is said that red envelope will bring good luck to the person who receives it and the person who gives it.

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