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"I Go To The Rock"
Providence and Harding Choir

Available in Compact Disc and Cassette

PROVIDENCE: Rodney Britt, Len Reeves, David Slater and Lynn Wright

Following in the tradition of the "Stand By Me" recording, I Go To The Rock highlights the special blend and outstanding ability of these talented artists. On this album PROVIDENCE sings with the Harding University Concert Choir.

[David Slater Soloist On All Numbers Unless Otherwise Noted]

- Turn My Heart
- Everybody Ought to Know
(Lead Vocal by Len Reeves)
- How Long Has It Been (Lead
Vocal by Len Reeves and
Rodney Britt)
- Religion In Glory
- Lead Me Lord
- My God Is Real
- I Don't Know About Tomorrow
(Bass Lead by Rodney Britt)
- Come Praise The Lord
- So High
- Till The Storm Passes By
- He'll Understand And Say
Well Done
- We Are One
- Be Glorified
(Lead Vocal by Lynn Wright)
- We Call On Him
- Faithful Love
- I Want To Know
- You're The Lifter Of My Name
- I Believe (Interlude)
- I Go To The Rock
- Gentle Shepherd
(Lead Vocal by Len Reeves)
- Open My Eyes
- Jesus Is Lord Of All
(Lead Vocal by Len Reeves)
- Help Me
- Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty
- Yes, I'll Live In Glory
- Lord Be There
- I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
- I Believe

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