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Professional Candle & Soap Making Equipment

We offer quality candle making items such as butane torches, thermometers, wire wisks to stir your wax, etc. The wire wisk is the absolute best thing you can use to stir your wax so that both the dye and the fragrance oil will bind properly with the wax. Use the thermometers to ensure you are achieving the correct temperatures.

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4OZCUP Measuring Glass - 4 oz
Measuring Glass for Fragrance
$2.99 View Picture
4OZSET Measuring Glass - 4 oz - Set of 6
BEST BUY! Set of 6 @ 2.49 ea
THER Candle & Soap Thermometer
Ensure a proper temperature!
$4.99 View Picture
THER6 Candle & Soap Thermometer - 6 ea
BEST BUY! Set of 6 @ $3.99 ea
WISK 10" Wire Wisk for Wax
The best thing to stir wax with!
$4.99 View Picture
WISK6 10" Wire Wisk - Set of 6
BEST BUY! Set of 6 wisks at $4.59 ea
BT01 Butane Torch - Refillable Hand Held
Butane not included
$24.49 View Picture
BT02 Butane Torch - (Set of 2)
Butane not included - Best Buy!
$43.98   Out of Stock

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