Sports Performance Coach Certification
Scottsdale, AZ - 10/4-5/2014
an introduction to Olympic style weightlifting

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6114205 Scottsdale, AZ - 10/4-5/2014 $495.00
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Successful completion of this comprehensive introductory course will result in a Sports Performance Coach Certification.

Course Location:   SICFIT Scottsdale       Directions
    14885 N 83rd Pl Ste 102        
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260       Course Itinerary
Coordinator:   Luke Kayyem   760-333-0949
Instructor:   Pat Cullen-Carroll        







Registration Fee - $495 - includes:

  • Course registration and materials (The course manual and video will be emailed within a week of registering.)
  • One (1) year of USA Weightlifting membership
Note: Travel, hotel and meals are not included in registration fee


Upon successful passing of the course, the attendee will receive the following:

  • One (1) year of membership and Sports Performance certification

USAW Coaching Course Policies and Waiver of Liability

USAW Member Code of Conduct


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