Marriage Savers
  Divorce Reform in America

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How Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half

  Spreading The Word
  Introduce the concepts of Mentor Couples and Community Marriage Policies to your congregation and communmity.
  Organizing Your Church and Community
  Materials used in our Marriage Savers Trainings
  Premarital Resources

Develop a Premarital program in your congregation.

  Marriage Enrichment
  Help the Married Couples in Your Congregation strengthen their marriages and become Mentoring Couples themselves!
  Saving Troubled Marriages
  Each marriage in crisis can be helped using these proven resources - each designed for their current situation.
  Step Families
  Stepfamilies have unique issues. Typically, stepfamilies break up at a 65% rate; Stepfamily Support Groups save more than 80% of stepfamilies. 

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